Install Ordergroove on an Online Store 2.0 theme

To use Ordergroove with your shop with an Online Store 2.0 theme, you need to activate the app blocks and app embed blocks for Ordergroove. Once the app is installed, these will already be available for you to add in your theme editor.

Manually set up Ordergroove with an Online Store 2.0 Theme

You can manually add Ordergroove to your Online Store 2.0 with a few clicks from the theme customizer on Shopify.

Open the theme editor for the theme you want to use with Ordergroove

Navigate to the Themes dashboard for your store. For the theme that you want to use with Ordergroove, click the ‘Customize’ button on the right side of the screen. This will bring you to the theme editor. To learn more about using the theme editor, you can view Shopify’s documentation at Editing your theme | Shopify Help Center.

1. Add the Ordergroove Subscription Offer to the Product Page

Next, you can add the subscription offer to the product page. This block contains the options for customers to select that they would like to purchase a subscription.

  1. At the top center of the screen, you’ll see a drop down for the page you’re editing. If you followed these instructions from the beginning and haven’t made any other changes to your theme, it should say ‘Home page’. Click the drop down and select ‘Products’, then ‘Default product’. This will take you to an example product page for your store.
  2. Check if the product shown by default is one of your subscription products as synced with Ordergroove (you can change a product’s subscription eligibility in Ordergroove). If it isn’t, navigate to the ‘Preview’ section in the left toolbar, and click the ‘Change’ button to change the product to one of your subscription-eligible products. Even in preview mode, the Ordergroove offer won’t appear for a product that is not subscription-eligible.
  3. Click ‘Add block’ in the left sidebar.
  4. Towards the bottom of the popup that appears, you’ll find a section ‘Apps’ which has blocks available from the apps you’ve installed on your store. Click the row for ‘Ordergroove Offer’ published by Ordergroove.
  5. You should see that the block has been added to the Product information section at the bottom. Now you can drag the offer up to where you want it on your product page. In the preview, you’ll see the offer displayed with other product information. It’s completely up to you where you want the app block to go, but one good location is just above the ‘Add to cart’ button.
  6. Click the Save button on the top right to save these changes.

2. Add the Subscription Manager to the Customer Account page

Lastly, we will add the Subscription Manager to the Customer Account page. This block will allow customers to manage their subscriptions.

  1. Go back up to the center drop down menu and select ‘Classic customer accounts’, then ‘Customer account’.
  2. If the login page appears, you may need to log in with a customer account first to see the accounts page that a customer or subscriber would see.
  3. Depending on which Online Store 2.0 theme you are using, blocks may not be available by default on this page.
    1. If you see an ‘Add block’ button, then add the Ordergroove Subscriber Dashboard block following the instructions for adding the Offer block to the Product page.
    2. If you do not see an ‘Add block’ button, follow these steps for tagging your Subscription Manager manually: Tagging the Subscription Manager on Shopify
  4. Click the Save button on the top right to save these changes.