Developer Fundamentals

It can take some time and patience to learn the ins and outs of a new platform. Developing on Ordergroove's platform doesn't need to be costly or time-intensive though, with just a little background information you can keep ramp-up time to a minimum.

This article will link you out to crucial information you'll need to know, and is good to know, to get you up and running as quickly as possible. We're here to support you through each step of your journey, if you have any questions, please reach out.

Data Model

Ordergroove’s data model is designed to provide flexibility to end users with a structure that allows for full automation or client-specific processes via rest APIs. Ordergroove’s data is stored in a Relational Database, with both one-to-one and one-to-many relationships depending on how you look at the data.

Ordergroove has four main data objects:

  • Customer
  • Subscription
  • Items
  • Order

For more information and a relational flowchart, take a look at Data Model at a glance.

Systems Landscape Map

Ordergroove’s platform has six major integration components that power your relationship commerce experience. We have applications and cartridges for various eCommerce platforms that will automatically handle many of these components.

Even though the application automates some components, we still believe it is helpful to introduce those major components to help provide you with a full understanding of the integration.

Take a look at Ordergroove Systems Landscape Map for information on all six components and a relational chart.

API Authentication

You can authenticate requests using either API key or an HMAC, depending on personal preference. API keys can be viewed and managed in the Ordergroove Dashboard; for more information take a look at Authentication.

Launching a Brand New Subscription Program

Ordergroove has a proven process to bring new merchants up to speed on our platform as quickly as possible. If you're assisting in a new build, it can be helpful to get familiar with our onboarding process.

The Ordergroove Launch Process: Stages, Steps, and Timeline has our full rundown.

Feedback and Support

Getting up to speed on a new platform can be tough, we get it. Ordergroove is committed to being the best tech partner we can be, if you have any questions about our API and especially around scope or implementation, please reach out to [email protected]. One of our solutions specialists will help get everything sorted out.

Please reach out if you feel anything is missing or unclear from our documentation. We're actively rolling out new documentation and feature recipes, and would love to hear what would help make your life easier. What do we need to know, to help?