Webhooks Overview

Webhooks are proactive notifications, via HTTP requests from one application to another, that a specific event has occurred. Put simply, webhooks allow you to send Ordergroove to proactively contact your application(s) with information about the events that happen in your program - for example, if a subscription is created, an order is skipped, etc.

Here is a simplified example:

Why Would I Use Webhooks?

Webhooks allow you to create custom applications that automate or create additional functionality and experiences not otherwise native to Ordergroove's platform. Some examples you might use a webhook for:

  • Automatically cancel a subscription after a certain number of shipments
  • Update your CRM with information about subscribers, subscriptions, and orders
  • Send additional marketing emails at significant points in a subscription or subscriber's lifecycle

Note: Ordergroove runs the webhook delivery process every 5 minutes, and anything that still is in the queue gets retried.

What Events Are Currently Available?

  • Subscriber events
  • Subscription events
  • Order events
  • Order item events

How Do I Set Up Webhooks?

  1. Log in to Ordergroove
  2. Open up the Profile Icon on the top right, select Developers and Webhooks.
  3. Click the Enable Toggle to activate a new target.
  4. Paste the endpoint where you want the events to be sent in the URL Field.
  5. Click Save.

Once saved, a verification key will populate in the Verification Key field. You can create up to 10 separate targets for your store.

Can I Configure Only Some Events To Be Sent To My Endpoint?

Yes! We have now included the ability to filter which Webhook events are sent to each of your targets.