There are three sets of hosts through which requests to the API are made:

Most endpoints will use these hosts in production and staging:

Production: https://restapi.ordergroove.com
Staging: https://staging.restapi.ordergroove.com
Note: The above APIs are rate limited. Please refer to the Rate Limits page for more information.

Some endpoints that deal with payment related information or webhooks require hitting these alternate urls:

Production: https://sc.ordergroove.com
Staging: https://staging.sc.ordergroove.com

Production: https://webhooks.ordergroove.com
Staging: https://staging.webhooks.ordergroove.com

Assume all endpoints are using the 'restapi' subdomain unless noted otherwise in the documentation.

Please note that you may already be using some legacy APIs that use the url https://api.ordergroove.com. These urls are not interchangeable. If you are using legacy endpoints, if possible please upgrade your integration to make use of those listed in this documentation.