This request will return an array of all customers.



✔️ Application API Scope

✔️ Storefront API Scope

Note: Application API Scope with Bulk Operations permission is required to list more than one customer.

Response Body Definitions

merchantstringMerchant ID"275dbe1d77f34aca968fb75a8dbb4c82"
merchant_user_idstringMerchant User ID"TEST"
session_idstringSession ID, obtained from og_session_id cookie"5bda04dc429d11e4bd78bc764e106cf4.463053.1418160308"
user_token_idstringUser Token ID"bda1c6b0084811e6965ebc764e106cf4"
first_namestringCustomer first name"John"
last_namestringCustomer last name"Doe"
emailstringCustomer email"[email protected]"
phone_numberstringCustomer phone number"+15551231234"
phone_typeintCustomer phone type.
Options: 0, 1, 2, 3

0 = "Invalid"
1 = "Landline"
2 = "Mobile"
3 = "VoIP"
livebooleanAccount status: active = 'True'True
createdstringDate of customer account creation"2017-02-29 12:00:00"
last_updatedstringDate of most recent customer account update"2017-02-29 12:00:00"
last_loginstringDate of most recent customer login"2017-02-29 12:00:00"
extra_datastringRaw JSON string that should be JSON.parse() as key/value store for any extra information"{"some": "extra", "fields": "here"}"
localeintegerCustomer locale code42
price_codestringCustomer price code"prom_customer"